Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shiseido's Message from Orchids: Cattleya Nobilior Amaliae

For the Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival 2006, Shiseido is releasing カトレア ノビリオール アマリエの香り (cattleya nobilior amaliae), available in eau de parfum (pure mist) and other concentrations.

Also on sale are eau de parfum releases from previous International Orchid Festivals (pardon my poor translations!):
ナゴランの香り (the scent of Nagoran)
胡蝶蘭の香り (the scent of the butterfly orchid [Phalaenopsis aphrodite])
春むらさきの香り (the scent of cattleya schroederae)

A picture of all four perfumes on sale.

As far as I can tell, these items will only be for sale at Shiseido's booth at the Festival.

Other releases no longer appear to be available:
スターチルドレンの香り (star children)
オレンジカトレア (orange cattleya 2000 release)


katiedid said...

How unusual to introduce a special perfume for that. I wonder if it's some sort of prestige thing that Shiseido would do that? Or if it's just to make all the collectors go nuts to try to get ahold of it, heh.

kuri said...

I really wonder too. They could at least sell it online from the convention site. I suspect it's that collector appeal. I think limited editions do really well in Japan, having personally been prey to the appeal of a limited edition lip gloss from Shiseido :P