Sunday, January 22, 2006

jewelry and more consumerism

This White Freshwater Pearls & Garnet Cluster Bracelet is lovely. If I start reading Brown Seven Twelve too often, I may end up buying stuff! It goes without saying that I don't need any more stuff.

I find this red tote and this larger brown one charming.

Ooh, I want these lovely sleek earrings. Another reason to get my ears pierced. >_<

This is a charming handbag necklace but I can't justify $220 for a necklace.

This doesn't fit under crossbody bag or tote bag needs, but I think this little bag is cute.

Falling under tote bag sizing, an Orla Kiely bag.

I ought to face the reality that while I want new purses, I don't need any. Pooh.

Finally, I love these morroccan style earrings!

fantastic looking sandals, but are they comfy?

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