Thursday, January 12, 2006

Maybelline Water Shiny Gloss

I can't tell if there's an equivalent product in the U.S. because the name is slightly different, but Maybelline Water Shiny Gloss ウォーター シャイニー グロス is a fairly new release by Maybelline in Japan.

This gloss is great. Super light-weight and effortlessly shiny, it currently comes in about 8 simple shades. Probably a side-effect of the almost mousse-like lightness, it doesn't last very long. After a can of tea (haha, an Asian thing?) the gloss is pretty much gone. The texture is so comfortable and light that I don't care though. It's a lot of fun to wear.

I hope they come out with some darker colors. I have the Cappucino Cream (カプチーノクリーム)which seems to be the darkest color available if you look at the website. In person it's a medium brownish nude, which goes on pretty lightly.

price: 840 yen (which is very reasonable compared to other U.S. brands for sale in Japan: curse you Revlon!)

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