Monday, February 28, 2005

small stereo

I got a little stereo so that I can listen to the radio.

It's pretty nice to have. I heard a program called Asian Essence last night, where they played a pretty fun Indian song. It sounded like pure pop, but was fun nontheless. I think I could understand a lot of what the djs were saying too.

Monday, February 14, 2005

dress shirts

Also known as button down shirts.

Anyway, I've discovered this ring-around-the-collar phenomenon is very annoying. I guess I have to treat all my collars after wearing.

Anyway, at this rate I have exactly one impeccable shirt. I have 5 wearable shirts, but One is too small. One brand new shirt has a strange faded spot on the sleeve. One has random stains and broken buttons from the dry cleaner. My other brand new shirt has a faint ring :P Horrible! Must buy all new shirts. But as they are so easy to ruin, I don't want to spend much money on them.

I really like the earrings I got though.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

shirt, earrings

New purchases!

I got a suit shirt for 1200 yen from Comme Ca Hommes. The Shinjuku store was having a mad sale. Too bad the only other shirts were black. The shirt I got was a rather fuschia colored shirt, rather like Banana Republic's pink push a couple years ago. I like it, surprisingly enough. And while I am an M size in Uniqlo shirts, I am an L or XL at Comme Ca Hommes. Ah well. It was cheap.

I also got a pair of non-pierced earrings for 850 yen. They're great! Cute and don't hurt! The painlessness is key. Now I don't have to wonder whether I should get my earrings pierced, as I can wear earrings without any pain. All my other earrings hurt, sadly enough. It's too bad I don't really wear jewelry on weekdays. Sure, I could... but there's no real need too. Probably more important to tame my hair on weekdays than wear jewelry.