Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Apt. things

All of a sudden, I have this desire to buy all of these things for my apartment.

- A laundry drying rack so that I can hang things up inside my apt. when it rains.
- A compact set of dustbins which fit between my sink and my refrigerator. Alternatively, a rolling little cabinet for trash, with 2 drawers and space on top to use as extra counter space (direly needed). I can't decide which would be better. I really need both. I'm leaning towards the rolling cabinet, since I really need more counter space. I will use the space next to the fridge for my rice cooker and storing laundry stuff.
- I want a laundry rack so that I can keep stuff above my washer (like clothes basket, detergent, and bleach).
- I'd like a little hanging rack for my umbrellas. Something I can hang from the door.
- Carpet to cover kitchen
- Carpet to cover living room. Problem is that I already have 1 carpet, but it's not big enough. 2 carpets might look a little weird. I want to protect the floors from water damage though. A little late, but might as well do what I can. I think wood floors beneath 2 inches of acrylic is probably my perfect wood floor. Laf. They won't ever get destroyed!
- I should get hooks to hang up my mirror.
- Portable speakers

Wanted but not as immediately useful:
- Little upright seats
- A nicer toilet mat. Mine was 100 yen and fits perfectly, but it's really not that attractive. Orangish stripes on white. I have a small toilet room though. 33cm between the toilet base and the door.
- A nice lamp.
- A little rolling night stand/toiletry stand (called a cosmetics wagon in katakana), as my stuff is taking over my table. No space for my computer.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

portable speakers

Pioneerhas some nice looking portable speakers. None of them are quite what I'm looking for, but they're all compact and stylish.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Some days

I just feel like slouching over my plate.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Seen on Shirt

"Play with the sea dynamically"

Sunday, September 12, 2004

allie sunblock

By Kanebo. It's apparently not for actual swimming, although it's labeled as waterproof. I'm rather disappointed, as it was ludicrously expensive at 1500 yen, and didn't seem to work at all.

Perhaps it's only meant for ladies who sweat delicately.

I don't like the Kanebo hand lotion I bought either. The scent is too strong, and it's quite greasy. I guess it's meant to be a strong moisturizer, which I don't like.

I really should have brought my No-Ad sunblock. Although slightly greasy, it's really effective. Damn. I think I should just wear a short wetsuit when swimming. I always burn my shoulders.

When swimming, I spent half the time thinking that I really want to buy some comfy flip flops. And a beach bag, for carrying towels and wet swimsuits and things. Laf. Total materialism.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


The name of a magazine here. laf, looks like a fashion mag., but did not investigate.

Monday, September 06, 2004

want to buy mp3s

But the Island Music site is styming me.

I want to buy "Hole in the Head" by The Sugababes (pure pop fluff, but really catchy). However, it doesn't look like the Island site has implemented https properly. Of course, even implemented properly, there is no guarantee of security, but that's an easy first level check.

Other songs I want to buy:
Melody's "Believe me" (again, fluffy pop)

Jamelia's 2004 re-release. "See It In a Boys Eyes" is ludicrously addictive.
Olivia's (Olivia Lufkin) most recent album. Some really pretty songs on it. And rock is always good.

This song rocks: Mousse T feat. Emma Lanford - "Is It Cos I'm Cool"


I wonder when I got a little obsessed about my nails. It's not like they are well-groomed or anything, but I seem to obsess about the shape of my nails. If a bit breaks off, it really bothers me if I can't file the edge smooth. If they're too long, it drives me crazy. I've been this way since High School. Odd, eh? I blame that teen magazine I used to read.

Did you know that Tiffany Amber Thiessen(sp?) and Denise Richards were both models in it? Thiessen looks much better now, but I always thought Richards was pretty. Her hair was always really nice. Her acting seems really subpar though. Guess that's not a requirement for Bond movies. I think the movie with Michelle Yeoh was probably the best for women characters. I've seen all of maybe 3 Bond movies though, so perhaps there's a better one.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

household items

I was suddenly hit with a desire to buy household furnings. It came out of the blue Sunday night.

I've wanted to buy a clock/radio/cd player for a while. However, I haven't actually gone and looked for one. Part of the reason is that I'll get my cd player when I visit SF, and I already have an alarm clock. So, I guess I just need a radio. Radios ought to be cheap. An MD/radio player/recorder would be cool though, so that I can tape music and such. Hrm... digital recordings. Where are digital recordings?

I also discovered that a little rolling cabinet/trash receptacle (11000 yen) would be perfect for my little kitchen, to give me some more counter space. One with a little slide out table would be great. There are also these vertical trashcans (4000 yen?) that would fit between my fridge and my sink, but it's not as much of a priority as the rolling table.

I'd like a rack to go above my washer. I can store my laundry basket and supplies there. A rack appears to be about 8000 yen.

I'd also like a drying rack strong enough to hold a rug. About 7000 yen for that. Then I can dry towels inside my apt. when it's raining outside. At the moment, I don't have anywhere to hang more than one towel.

I need a good household furnishings site.

Should I bring my tennis racquet from CA? Hrm.