Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Apt. things

All of a sudden, I have this desire to buy all of these things for my apartment.

- A laundry drying rack so that I can hang things up inside my apt. when it rains.
- A compact set of dustbins which fit between my sink and my refrigerator. Alternatively, a rolling little cabinet for trash, with 2 drawers and space on top to use as extra counter space (direly needed). I can't decide which would be better. I really need both. I'm leaning towards the rolling cabinet, since I really need more counter space. I will use the space next to the fridge for my rice cooker and storing laundry stuff.
- I want a laundry rack so that I can keep stuff above my washer (like clothes basket, detergent, and bleach).
- I'd like a little hanging rack for my umbrellas. Something I can hang from the door.
- Carpet to cover kitchen
- Carpet to cover living room. Problem is that I already have 1 carpet, but it's not big enough. 2 carpets might look a little weird. I want to protect the floors from water damage though. A little late, but might as well do what I can. I think wood floors beneath 2 inches of acrylic is probably my perfect wood floor. Laf. They won't ever get destroyed!
- I should get hooks to hang up my mirror.
- Portable speakers

Wanted but not as immediately useful:
- Little upright seats
- A nicer toilet mat. Mine was 100 yen and fits perfectly, but it's really not that attractive. Orangish stripes on white. I have a small toilet room though. 33cm between the toilet base and the door.
- A nice lamp.
- A little rolling night stand/toiletry stand (called a cosmetics wagon in katakana), as my stuff is taking over my table. No space for my computer.


Evelyn said...

hey clare - that's a long list of things to get. do they sell swiffer in Japan?
it's really good for picking up dust on wood floor. i also use just the fabric to clean the static/ dust accumulation from my computer screen. instead of dust brush and bin...

kuri said...

Hey Evelyn, they do have swiffer here. I should try it on my computer screen - it definitely needs cleaning. I haven't had too much trouble cleaning the floors though - it's just that they show water spots really easily.

Yeah, too many things. I will get them slowly, 1 at a time. I really need a 2nd set of sheets and some speakers. I want a radio w/ good speakers that I can hook my cd player up too. Heh.