Sunday, September 12, 2004

allie sunblock

By Kanebo. It's apparently not for actual swimming, although it's labeled as waterproof. I'm rather disappointed, as it was ludicrously expensive at 1500 yen, and didn't seem to work at all.

Perhaps it's only meant for ladies who sweat delicately.

I don't like the Kanebo hand lotion I bought either. The scent is too strong, and it's quite greasy. I guess it's meant to be a strong moisturizer, which I don't like.

I really should have brought my No-Ad sunblock. Although slightly greasy, it's really effective. Damn. I think I should just wear a short wetsuit when swimming. I always burn my shoulders.

When swimming, I spent half the time thinking that I really want to buy some comfy flip flops. And a beach bag, for carrying towels and wet swimsuits and things. Laf. Total materialism.


Anonymous said...

You don't have any idea what is the concept of Allie. I have been using it for long time and price is fair for Japanese people. everything is expensive over there so price is not the consideration at all. In addition, Japanese product is perecisely made for Japanese people's skin. Do not expect too much.

kuri said...

Actually, now that I reread my post, I realize that 1500 yen is not expensive at all. Anessa lotion is closer to 3000 yen. But I guess I didn't know that 2 years ago.

I still think the waterproof claim is inaccurate, as it wasn't waterproof.

So what exactly is the concept for Allie?

At (a Japanese site), Allie is only ranked 42 under sunscreens there, so there are Japanese people who don't seem to be fans either.

I'm curious what chemical differences you think are evident in Japanese skin, such that Japanese products can be formulated to such precision. If you spend a little time at it should be obvious that no product works for every single person (Japanese or not), and one person's holy grail is another person's bane. Humans in general just have very different types of skin.