Sunday, November 28, 2004

maintaining perspective

And not getting locked into one's own little world is vital to a healthy state of mind.

That's one reason that contact with a variety of people, and having multiple interests, is good.

losing grammar skills

Today I typed "I listening to an argument about who the smartest people ever where."

I meant to write, "I listened to an argument about who the smartest people ever were." Wow, I'm really losing my English skills. Also, I'm very tired this Monday morning.


So, my friend shamed me with his blithe lifestyle without a washer or a microwave. Come to think of it, my neighbor lives fine without a microwave either.

So, I don't need anything else for my apt. or my wardrobe.

So, my only guilt-free purchases now are presents. However, I seem to have this bad habit of buying stuff that isn't quite appropriate for anyone. I might have someone in mind when I buy a gift, but after thinking it over, it doesn't seem to fit them anymore.

The other problem is that after meeting a nasty staffer at the Shinjuku post office, I am reluctant to send things anymore. This is a problem, as I bought a couple books for Jackie, but now don't have any way to get them to her. Hehe. Actually, most people at the post office are really nice, so I just have to avoid that nasty person. He wasn't really that unpleasant, but I found it disturbing. The Shimokitazawa and Sasazuka post office staff are very helpful though.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

REAL calendar

There's a REAL calendar by Inoue Takehiko (creator of Slam Dunk) that I can order from Young Jump. I'm trying to decide whether to only get one or be greedy and get 2. I don't need more than 1, but I think somewhere there must be a fan who would like one also.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

tm revolution

Some days, I just feel like chattering.

I think TM Revolution is so-so. He's got some catchy music, and he seems to be quite a performer, but it's all just fluffy entertainment in the end.

Gackt is really cute, but I find his persona strange. I guess it's funny, and it's cretainly unique. As far as I can tell, his persona is supposed to be really really stupid. I thought he was just trying to be blase and cool. I hear differing accounts about whether he's just acting or he really is extremely stupid. I think he's just acting though.

In terms of real musicians, so far I can only think of UA.

Ayumi Hamasaki seems a little too plastic to me. She's a Japanese Barbie doll. You know? Ever striving to be cool and have all the latest fashions. Her music isn't terribly exciting either, although it's not bad.

Amuro Namie seems to be the hip hop flavored Japanese Barbie doll. No message in her music either.

Is it me, or is the black-haired Kinki Kid dressing really nasty these days? His hair and clothes are absolutely horrific? That's the one thing I like about Gackt - he looks sharp in those suits.

Fumiya Fuji is a little weird. I think he's trying a little hard to be hip too. That long hair is a bit jarring. It's like Jackie Chan and his long hair. ぜんぜん似合わないよ。 Doesn't suit them at all.

Monday, November 15, 2004

studio ghibli merchandise

Anyone want any?

Or anything from Japan really. Frankly, I'm itching to spend money on the cool things I see, and since I can't spend any of my own money at the moment (my last phone bill was fearsome), someone else's money is almost as good.

There are all these cool Studio Ghibli calendars for sale at Lawson - apparently all pre-order only.

I got one for Richard, but I want to buy more, haha. At least one more. I debated buying one for myself, but I need to abstain from a lot of things to make up for my phone bills.

Anyone want anything? Anything at all? You can request birthday gifts and holiday presents too. No guarantees, of course.

Friday, November 12, 2004

random question about shirt

So, I have a cotton button down shirt where the color has faded from a spot on the collar. I was wondering if I should just throw it away? I wear it with my suits, but it's about 1.25 cm x .5 cm in size, so it's somewhat noticeable. And there's a smaller spot nearby. I have the feeling I dropped bleach on it once by accident.