Sunday, November 28, 2004


So, my friend shamed me with his blithe lifestyle without a washer or a microwave. Come to think of it, my neighbor lives fine without a microwave either.

So, I don't need anything else for my apt. or my wardrobe.

So, my only guilt-free purchases now are presents. However, I seem to have this bad habit of buying stuff that isn't quite appropriate for anyone. I might have someone in mind when I buy a gift, but after thinking it over, it doesn't seem to fit them anymore.

The other problem is that after meeting a nasty staffer at the Shinjuku post office, I am reluctant to send things anymore. This is a problem, as I bought a couple books for Jackie, but now don't have any way to get them to her. Hehe. Actually, most people at the post office are really nice, so I just have to avoid that nasty person. He wasn't really that unpleasant, but I found it disturbing. The Shimokitazawa and Sasazuka post office staff are very helpful though.

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