Sunday, September 05, 2004

household items

I was suddenly hit with a desire to buy household furnings. It came out of the blue Sunday night.

I've wanted to buy a clock/radio/cd player for a while. However, I haven't actually gone and looked for one. Part of the reason is that I'll get my cd player when I visit SF, and I already have an alarm clock. So, I guess I just need a radio. Radios ought to be cheap. An MD/radio player/recorder would be cool though, so that I can tape music and such. Hrm... digital recordings. Where are digital recordings?

I also discovered that a little rolling cabinet/trash receptacle (11000 yen) would be perfect for my little kitchen, to give me some more counter space. One with a little slide out table would be great. There are also these vertical trashcans (4000 yen?) that would fit between my fridge and my sink, but it's not as much of a priority as the rolling table.

I'd like a rack to go above my washer. I can store my laundry basket and supplies there. A rack appears to be about 8000 yen.

I'd also like a drying rack strong enough to hold a rug. About 7000 yen for that. Then I can dry towels inside my apt. when it's raining outside. At the moment, I don't have anywhere to hang more than one towel.

I need a good household furnishings site.

Should I bring my tennis racquet from CA? Hrm.

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PP said...

I'm also buying stuff for the house and all. It's interesting to make arrangements and all. I guess that's why there's such a job as Interior Designer:).