Monday, September 06, 2004


I wonder when I got a little obsessed about my nails. It's not like they are well-groomed or anything, but I seem to obsess about the shape of my nails. If a bit breaks off, it really bothers me if I can't file the edge smooth. If they're too long, it drives me crazy. I've been this way since High School. Odd, eh? I blame that teen magazine I used to read.

Did you know that Tiffany Amber Thiessen(sp?) and Denise Richards were both models in it? Thiessen looks much better now, but I always thought Richards was pretty. Her hair was always really nice. Her acting seems really subpar though. Guess that's not a requirement for Bond movies. I think the movie with Michelle Yeoh was probably the best for women characters. I've seen all of maybe 3 Bond movies though, so perhaps there's a better one.

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