Monday, January 16, 2006

Kanebo Nihohi Sakura

I've been spending a lot of time reading Peppermint Patty's site.

Kanebo Twany にほひ桜 (Nihohi Sakura) Eau de Toilette. The parfum version is reputed to be limited edition. Body shampoo and body powder are also available. Apparently at one point fragrance water also existed.

Twany is one of Kanebo's many cosmetics brands.

I went to my local Kanebo/Shiseido chain store to see if they carried it. They had all 4 products. Unfortunately, the saleslady was pretty disinclined to let me try on the eau de toilette. I suppose the bottle they have out for display is merely to showcase the nice bottle. Or maybe testing is for prized customers. Anyway, I was only worthy to sniff the bottle cap. "You should be able to tell from this," she told me. Anyway, it smells nice but not particularly interesting from what I can tell. I'll have to test it on skin at some point.

I was surprised that they carry a Caron perfume too. They had a lot of Kanebo and Shiseido perfumes, naturally. I wanted to try Saso, but I knew the lady wasn't going to let me so I didn't ask. I'm so torn on that store. The saleslady is pretty grumpy and offputting, but the male salesperson is really friendly and helpful. It's also very conveniently located for lunchtime shopping. Perhaps it is a good thing that the saleslady keeps me away.

Anyhoo, I am way overbudget for the next month or two, so I should really stop looking at products.

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