Wednesday, January 18, 2006

drooling over bags

I think this bag is cool.

But this! is marvelous. But I can't spend the price of a nice laptop on a bag.

This is nice too. Again, impossibly priced. This Prada Brevett bag too.

And this Stripe shoulder bag is charming.

I want a tote bag and I want a shoulder/messenger bag, but I only want to buy one bag. Dilemmas. Just kidding.

I'm thinking about this llbean shoulder bag as a compromise.

1 comment:

Winifred said...

Urr.... for those prices, you can get
- iPod Nano
- iPod Video
- compact and cute digital camera
- cool cell phone
- a new desktop system
- 1/2 of a new laptop

- 1/2 month of rent.....

just some thoughts.. =)