Tuesday, January 24, 2006

a book of presents

Miss Manners believes that among essential records is:

A book of presents given and received, in order to avoid the humiliation of having the same idea twice about the perfect present for someone, especially if the object in question is one that that person gave you.

I ought to do that. I'll start writing everything that I remember. It's going to be tough to remember anything more than a couple years ago.


katiedid said...

That is a great idea, but in my case utterly out of the question - I am way, waaaaaaay too poorly organized to continue to remember to write it down in a book, sadly. I wish I could be the sort of person that could be all put-together like that.

kuri said...

I think ideally it would just be an extension of the electronic address book. Otherwise I'm not sure how to organize it! People who can keep a paper book organized are very impressive! It's hard to even keep electronic files organized. I'm impressed that you keep track of citations for your images so well.