Thursday, January 12, 2006

yoohoo (food)

Hey, will I gross you out if I mention that I am currently stuffing my face with grilled fish eggs(焼きたらこ)? In a rice ball. It's good stuff, but I'll admit that it looks kinda disgusting.


ps. There are probably some other qualifiers on stuff that I will eat, such as the fact that I stay away from raw chicken - my stomach just doesn't like it. Raw eggs are no problem though.


Urban Chick said...

you won't eat bugs?

what? not even a deep-fried bumble bee?

(available in some parts of china - my friend said it was nice, if a little crunchy)


kuri said...

I'd think about it if it's fried. I love anything fried. :D I might be able to handle a bumble bee. But I don't think I could handle something big and squishy like those Australian grubs. >_<