Sunday, February 17, 2008

mini review: Honey Foaming Jelly for Body and Hair by L'Occitane

Summary: I don't like the smell, and the jelly texture is inconvenient.

I'd been intrigued by reviews online and picked this up on sale this past winter. I'm very glad it was on sale, as I don't like the scent of this product at all. It's kind of astringent and medicinal to my nose. Also, the jelly is a bit unwieldy in my opinion; it's slippery. I suppose I prefer more of a lotion thickness, where I can control application easily. I love the scent of L'Occitane's Honey and Lemon, so I was surprised to really dislike the scent of this older product. The new stuff by L'Occitane intrigues me though, such as the Ruban d'Orange line. It is similar to BLISS's Shine line for Sheraton, but easier to find.

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