Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mini review: Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy

Summary: so-so product.

Silk Therapy is a silicone hair product for smoothing and adding shine to your hair. It's marketed as a hair treatment, although I don't understand the science of silicone treating your hair. I think it might protect your hair a bit from heat.

Cons: It has a very strong chemical smell. Maybe I got a bad batch? If I apply it on wet hair, the smell dissipates, but on dry hair, it's rather bothersome. I feel uncomfortable inflicting it on my coworkers.

Pros: It does an okay job of smoothing my thick hair, whether applied wet or dry. Perhaps I need to apply more product.

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cartier6263 said...

I have just below the shoulder length hair and bought the 11.6 fl. oz. bottle. I am having a hard time finishing this product. If you use too little (size of a large pea) of the product in your hair you don't really notice a difference. Too much product in your hair (size of a dime) it tends to look greasy. I have naturally curly (underneath) hair and wavy hair on top. My hair frizzes really bad in humidity and this product does not help at all. I put it through the test on a recent (April 08) trip to Florida. Did not control frizz at all. Mostly I use this product to help control some stray hairs. I have read that silicone will only make your hair look greasier when humidity is high. I find this very true.