Sunday, February 03, 2008

6 pairs of socks for 1000 yen, or why I love Uniqlo

burnt-orange socks
For a limited time, Uniqlo is selling nice medium-weight socks at 6 pairs/1000 yen. A total steal, considering normally socks can be 500 yen/pair or so (okay, so only 280 at Uniqlo). I stocked up on black and some other colors, but I may go back for another set of 6 if they wear nicely this week. I'm pretty sure that this collection is targeted at men, but they fit me and look gender-neutral, so it's all good.

They have lovely colors like burnt orange and deep red, but when am I going to wear orange socks? Lemme know if you want any...

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Update 2008-02-09: The socks are nice but nothing spectacular. I'm going to try some of Uniqlo's more expensive socks to see if I like them better.

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