Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prizes have arrived!

My prizes from Made by Blog and PerfumeCritic.com arrived this week! I am rich in perfumes these days.

I'm currently testing both the Laurent Le Guernec creation that Made by Blog sent me, and the Missha travel size perfume from Perfume Critic.

First impressions of my MBB prize: creeammmy! Like butter.
I wrote up some thoughts on it, but as I take notes, I think "geez, Katie and Marina would never write anything so bland and inexpressive." But life is what it is so I will just put down what I think. MBB sent me a great big bottle allowing me to test this fragrance with abandon. I get lots and lots of gardenia, and a bit of almond at the beginning. Imagine a big creamy gardenia blossom the size of a canteloupe melon. The scent stays pretty close to the skin but I can still smell it 10 hours later. I wouldn't characterize the fragrance as sweet, although the creaminess makes any sweetness very evident, akin to how a white canvas makes colors stand out.

Missha: It's hard to categorize, because I'm not familiar with anything like it. I'm guessing it's a greenish perfume; that's the impression I get. Biting raw sap kind of effect, although the fragrance is not that sharp. I don't have any olfactory experience here :)


katiedid said...

I always feel like I'm writing something bland, boring, or worse... just tedious and/or pretentious! I think those who write straight on from their own sincerest experience of scents are the most interesting to read anyhow, and that was just mouthwatering in description. It was not at ALL inexpressive. Now I wanna try it!!! Sounds delish, to say the least. Mmmmm... buttery gardenia. Mmmmm...

kuri said...

You're right about the people who are the most interesting to read, but when I read Bois de Jasmin I always admire the elegant prose. :)
Hee, I can send you a sample if you'd like!

Andrea Leite Marques said...

Kuri Dear! How are you these days? Sorry for not writing before, but things have been abit hectic with my last days in SITA. Today is my 1st day as a "free woman"! Glad to hear about your perfume! Must be lovely, no? "Creamy" and "buttery" are qualities that attract me in a scent. You are probably still getting acquainted to it, I imagine. Take your time! It sounds lovely!

kuri said...

Congratulations on freedom! Yeah, still getting aquainted with the perfume. It's very smooth, so I guess I have difficulty analyzing it :)