Friday, November 17, 2006

2nd impressions of the secret gardenia

I can't think of a good name for the Laurent Le Guernec creation sent to me by Made By Blog, so for now I'll call it Secret Gardenia. Although that sounds a little silly. Whatever.

At first, the utter creaminess of this fragrance rather overpowered me, but now I'm getting quite used to it and find it rather comforting. A single spritz quickly and softly envelopes me. I like this sensation. It has a pleasant dash of sweetness but isn't over the top. I wouldn't call it simple but rather uncomplicated. Easy to enjoy but interesting although I can't tell you what I find interesting about it! It's certainly nothing like the new stuff in the department stores!

Have you smelled Nina Ricci's new scent? Geez, that stuff is sweet.

In a semi-related note, I have so far been able to test Armani Code (leading to an unmeditated purchase of Origins underwear for lips; I lay all blame on the Armani salesguy) and Bulgari Au Parfumee The Rouge. Now Smell This also has a lovely review of The Rouge.

Armani Code for Women is very interesting; I can't describe it at all. I don't get the orange or ginger that Now Smell This describes; perhaps it's too well blended for me to pick out. It's very nice, but I liked the drydown better than the opening for some reason. Maybe the opening has too much going on for me. This is the second time I've tried it. The first time, my 6 year old friend preferred it over Hermes Ambre Narguile on me :)

In contrast, I lurvve the opening to Bulgari Au Parfumee The Rouge. On skin, I get a n opening blast of dark, slightly bitter tea. Glorious, really. Haha. I love that opening. After a while it morphs into smelling like The Vert, which is nice, but not quite my cup of tea. Har. Um, yeah. The friendly saleslady at Takashimaya Shinjuku described the drydown as powdery. I don't really think of powder when I smell it; it seems more soft than anything.

I'm very happy to have met a friendly perfume saleslady though! It's a first.

Unrelated, but because the Inoui ID saleslady on Thursday was unhelpful, I ended up buying expensive concealer from Covermark. Yikes, there goes my budget! If only the nice lady from Tuesday had been there :(


boisdejasmin said...

Kuri, I loved your descriptions! Secret Gardenia (I have taken to calling it Kuri no Gardenia in my mind :). Sounds lovely!

I also much prefer the drydown of Armani Code, because the top notes while beautiful are a bit too sweet for me. Yet, the drydown is great in all respects. And Bulgari Au Parfumee The Rouge never fails to please--easy to wear, soft and elegant.

kuri said...

Your name for it is much nicer I think. Although, it's Laurent Le Guernec's gardenia, so I feel unworthy of being associated closely with it :)

Ah, maybe that's what didn't quite mesh for me; the top notes are rather sweet. That thought did cross my mind but I wasn't sure.

The Rouge does seem eminently wearable; elegant and inoffensive but lovely. Hrm... I wouldn't mind a decant now, hee.

katiedid said...

Oh, now I'm going to feel like the weirdo here... I so enjoy the opening sequence of Armani Code to the drydown. At least, on my skin and my regular guinea pig sister's skin, that is. Actually, I even better like the lotion version of it thus far to the actual fragrance, because it keeps those delicate opening notes intact and more fully in bloom than even in the eau. Funny how differently folks can perceive the exact same thing...

Will try to email you later on in the week when I try to catch up on my email :)

kuri said...

Don't feel weird! I can't really explain what I don't like about the opening; it just seems like a slightly dischordant mixture of scents to me. But it could just be the unfamiliarity of the combination. And probably because I don't quite like the opening, it seems rather strong to me! I don't perceive any delicacy to it. I wonder if it's my skin. Fascinating.

Ok! I'm still behind on email :(

Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi Kuri!
Oddly enough, I did not like Thé Rouge at all. It smelled somehow a bit too fruity for me, alas, and as you say "inoffensive"... It lacks that distinct and innovative trait of Thé Vert, I don't know.
Question for you: have you already tried "Rose Royale" from Shiseido? The new one in the lovely blue bottle? I am thinking of buying it unsniffed, but in case you have tried it, please let me know your thoughts.
I read the notes are:
TOP: bergamot and magnolia;
HEART: jasmine and centifolia rose;
BASE: oakmoss and white cedarwood.
Sound interesting!
These days I am mostly wearing "Parfum Sacré", for I am needing something warm and that lasts and lasts!

kuri said...

Hi Andrea! You know, I didn't notice any fruit in the opening! All I got was bitter tea, which sounds a lot better than fruit, so I can understand why you didn't like it.

I have not tried Rose Royale; I will have to go hunt for it. I need to learn what oakmoss and cedarwood smell like. Parfum Sacre sounds lovely!