Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kose Visee Aqua Shining Eyes BE 300

Aqua Shining Eyes from Visee is an excellent liquid eyeshadow. It doesn't crease or smear after 8 hours (although I did only test with a light coating, so I don't know what happens if you apply it normally), and looks absolutely beautiful. Shimmer and bits of sparkle give a beautiful effect. Definitely something for evening use though; I think it's a bit much for daytime. It's so lovely that I want to buy more, despite the limited opportunities to use it. I will refrain, of course.

The BE 300 is a pale peach champagne color. One swipe of the doe's foot applicator applies the pigment clearly; you can smooth it out for a sheerer effect.

Packaging is light and a bit on the cheap side but seems perfectly functional.

List price is 1800 yen, which is a bit expensive but you do get a quality product.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Glad to hear you're liking it!
I need to write reviews on the Integrate eye pencils and gloss pencils! Fabulous and absolutely fool-proof! Addictive even. It's so easy to apply, you would be delighted, believe me! I will take pics and write about in my blog some time this week. Let you know!

kuri said...

Look forward to your reviews! Urgh, I am not allowed to buy anything until next year, so maybe I won't read your reviews until then.

On my buy list:
* Armani lip shimmer + lipstick
* Inoui ID eyeshadow quad?
After Feb:
* Awake Stardom lip gloss #4 (well, need to try it on)
* Majolica Majorca eyeshadow? Eyeliner?
* Lavshuca gloss, eye jellies?

There was a 35% sale on Kate stuff so I already bought a spicy line eyes quad (nice and easy to use!), liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, and sheer lipstick. I only needed the eyeshadow so my makeup budget is closed for the rest of the year :P

aquabot said...

Thanks for the info...I have heard about it before that due to the Crystal Pearl and Aurora Splash Pearl effects, it provides a thin and light shining tone on your eyes and the Liquid eye water gel base provides moisture..Still thanks for updating the information...