Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In the meantime: Vera Wang, Monotheme White tea

I am currently searching for the perfumes recommended by the Director of Fragrance Development at IFF. As sneaky department stores do not like to list on their websites which brands of perfumes that they carry, I have to physically go and search. I didn't realize Armani was so hard to find; so far Odakyu and Keio do not carry it. Today I will visit Seibu and Tobu.

I never noticed that Vera Wang was available at Odakyu though; I tried it out yesterday. Floral, sweet, rich. A bit too strong somehow for me. It's pretty though; I can see why it is popular. But Fracas is nicer. Fracas lovers would probably freak out at that understatement, haha. Thumbs up for Vera Wang.

Odakyu has a nice layout for their fragrance area. It's spread out and low key; usually the sales people leave you alone to browse through.

In contrast, the Keio fragrance area has fragrances all packed together four shelves high in a little corner, so it's bewildering to browse, not to mention guarded by a garrulous but not terribly helpful salesperson.

They have a new tester at Odakyu's Makeup Solutions area (which carries a lot of foreign brands including Too Faced, Bloom, and Hard Candy): Monotheme White Tea. It's quite nice. A simple sweet tea scent. On the light side, and lasting power seems moderate, but it's a quiet scent with little sillage from what I can tell, and not much development that I noticed. I've only tested it twice. It's quite pleasant, but I'm not enamored enough to buy it. It would be easy to wear, but perhaps a little dull. Anyway, a thumbs up from me (I like tea).

I am currently purging unneeded clothing from my wardrobe. My friend B helped me out a lot the last time she visited, but there's still quite a bit of stuff that I don't need. It's funny how difficult it is to get rid of clothing that I wear rarely but actually like. And clothing that I find inadequate for my purposes, but I use occasionally. And clothing that I don't really like but use a lot. All reasons that I have a lot of unnecessary clothing.
I found some excellent articles on minimizing:


monotheme said...

My wife and I were happy to see your mention of Monotheme White Tea...We are wholesale distributors for Monotheme Fragrances and Monotheme Type Men's Skin Care in the Western United States.

It's great to see the line being received well, and given a fair mention. BTW, if you like White Tea, you will love the White Tea and Rice, and the Green Tea and Bamboo - All 3 are light, fresh, and very clean (but they last too.)

I hope you'll allow my comment to remain - it's not meant to be a tacky "plug" but just an effort to let people know where they can find more info on the line in the U.S.

All The Best,

kuri said...

I hope it's doing well in the U.S. I haven't seen the other teas in Japan, but the Bamboo one sounds nice in particular. I couldn't find the White Tea lotion on the web site; is it being discontinued? Maybe I'd better hurry up and buy it now.