Monday, November 20, 2006

email from Jesus (reputedly)

Spam mail is getting more and more interesting. I saved one just because it was interestingly incongruous ("narrative toothbrush"). But today, I got an email from Jesus (reputedly), entitled "thousand of war with me, And slew between cattle? The river,". Nonsensical but rather poetic. Despite containing both the words "war" and "slew," it is an oddly non-violent series of sentence fragments. Perhaps non-violent because there are only sentence fragments and thus manage to avoid having any meaning whatsoever.

Dude, these kids can dance! Some groups really need to stop dancing (coughcoughsmapcoughmorningmusumecough); they should just hire these kids.

2006-11-21: today I got an email entitled "apprentice floppy disk" and the text body begins with "rootless." Heh, a rootless apprentice floppy disk! I love it.


katiedid said...

Aw, email from Jesus? You're special! :P

I wish my fricking sound card was working (it's on the broken, and still on the to-do list rather than the done list) so I could enjoy that.

Anyhow, I really just stopped by to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

kuri said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I keep forgetting that's tomorrow :P

Haha, I thought I was special (well, kinda), but then I remembered that Jesus is a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries (I think. I knew at least one Jesus, anyway :)). So, it's not that special actually!

You'll have to rewatch the clip when your sound card is working again. They're awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think Microsoft is testing out their anti-anti spam program on gmail so they can eventually flood gmail w/ Microsoft ads.

kuri said...

Actually, I was going through my yahoo bulk folder. Can't say I ever look through my gmail spam. Oh, just took a look; no interesting spam, just the usual lewd and completely mis-targetted spam.