Wednesday, March 29, 2006

recommended duty-free perfumes?

Suggestions, anyone? Because I need more ways to spend money. Yeah, right.

I will be in various airports this year (why do direct flights from Tokyo to Toronto have to cost $4,000+?), so I was thinking, "Ooh, duty free. Wonder if I can find any bargains there." Unlikely, but it would be handy (bad for my wallet, but fun for me) to have a list of duty-free only fragrances that I should try out.

Ooh, there're two Sephoras in Toronto. Wonder if I will have time to visit.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi again, Kuri!

I love browsing duty-frees, it's one of the pleasures of travelling. Otherwise it's so boring. I mean, being on a plane for ages and using THOSE toilets, eeeeekkk...

Anyways... I'm not a big fan of duty-free scents either, to tell you the truth, but of course we can find great stuff sometimes (if we have time and patience). My hubby brought me some Kenzo "Flower Oriental" from a recent trip. It's lovely, comforting, and everybody seems to like it.

Also, you could check the latest Bulgari "Thé Rouge" perhaps. You were longing for some tea fragrances some time ago, no? I haven't tried that yet, I think. But I love their "Thé Blanc", although it has not much of staying power, I must say. But I like it anyways, don't mind much about staying power to tell you the truth (actually I do love reapplying perfume during the day; sounds crazy, but there you go!).

I got a nice one some weeks ago, from Roger & Gallet, called "Shiso". Or "Eau de Shiso". Very green and super-fresh. And lasts for quite some time. It's a bit minty and I see myself reaching for that one a lot these days! I never smelled shiso, but if it's really anything like basil, then that would be the description for that scent (plus the minty note). Lovely stuff, and quite cheap (I paid €32.00 for 100ml).

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Have a wonderful day!


katiedid said...

I got no advice at all. I always just zero in on the things that aren't available where I live, or those things that are LE and/or sold only in the duty free shops. Well, in Canada I like to pick up Lancome stuff, but that's only because it's a million times cheaper there, and I love their facial scrubs.

kuri said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check out them out.

I am indeed longing for tea fragrances, although I've only actually tried 2 or so.
Shiso sounds fun, but it may make me hungry. It often comes with sashimi. The minty touch is nice, though, and I suppose the salty taste doesn't get reflected in the scent :D

I'm looking for facial scrubs right now so Lancome sounds particularly good. Sounds like I can buy a lot! And Japanese customs is very nice about bringing stuff from foreign countries, unlike the U.S.