Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jeanne Arthes Sultane

My local Its' Demo (the name is a play on the Japanese phrase for any time: いつでも itsu demo; the store is fully of sundry cosmetics, clothes, snacks, etc. targeted at women) had a sample bottle of this out so I spritzed it on. It seemed pleasant but maybe a little too sweet for me, and not that memorable. I'd like to try out Cassandra Blanc sometime. They also had Sweet Sixteen, but it seems kind of wrong to try a perfume with a name like that. >.>


katiedid said...

Oh if Sultane was too sweet for you, you MUST avoid Sweet Sixteen. It's almost painfully floral-sweet. I mean, it's pleasant enough, but uh, it's reeeeeeeallllly sweet.

Sultane has such a nifty bottle though.

I do hope you try the Cassandra Blanc ;) It too is on the sweet-ish (and fruity) side, but the balance is good since the woody base tempers it from causing a toothache.

kuri said...

I will definitely avoid Sweet Sixteen then. I hope I can find Cassandra Blanc somewhere. I haven't run across it yet. Your review made it sound very nice.