Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Montien, Chicane and Tom Jones

I picked up "Montien I," the Japanese group Montien's first mini-album. One of my favorite singers Tina is a member of the group, and the samples I found on hmv.jp sounded pretty good.

The mini album is pretty fun and rocking hip-hop/R&B. I like it a lot. Tina's got a great voice. She seems to have a good vocal range; her voice gets pretty deep on some of the songs.

Apparently they have just released their first album, creatively called Montien III. Think I'll pick it up. It's 3000 yen, a little less than $30. Japanese CDs need to get more inexpensive. Still, I like HMV, where I can pick up fine U.K. collections like "Laydeez with Attitude" for a mere 1000 yen. Sure, there's crap like J.Lo's "I'm real" on it, but I've been wanting Sugababes' "Hole in the Head" for a couple years now. It's a total pop song but it's fun anyway.

A random and inconsequential opinion: I prefer Britney's songs to J.Lo's (as they currently stand - I did like J.Lo's debut, but it went downhill from there). I wouldn't pay money for either of their CDs though.

I have no idea who Chicane and Tom Jones are, but their song 'Stoned In Love' (Globe Records/Universal) is brilliant. It's about 12 minutes into Pete Tong's radio show from March 10th.


katiedid said...

Heh. I think Brit's still interested in having fun, whereas J-Lo has become dreadfully boring since she's striving so hard to be tasteful and fashionable instead of her previous trendiness lately.

You don't know who Tom Jones is??? My jaw has dropped, and my mouth is hanging agape. He's like the funnest cheesiest icon. You must find his versions of "Kung Fu Fighting" and "It's Not Unusual." Such cheese! But good fun songs, too.

But I guess I can't be all judge-y: I have no idea who Sugababes is (are?) and I don't know who on earth Chicane is either.

kuri said...

Heh, having fun is key!

Actually, Tom Jones' name sounded familiar, but since the song is a techno/dance one, I thought it must be a different one. I think I have heard "Kung Fu Fighting," although maybe not his version :)

I don't think the Sugababes are very popular in the U.S., being a Brit pop act. And the name... It's kind of embarrassing to say their name out loud. Less embarrassing than Atomic Kitten though.

webmaster said...

Chicane is a UK artist very well known on the Dance scene. Most well known for Offshore, Saltwater and Don't give up (recorded with Bryan Adams) which memorably displaced Madonna from the number #1 spot back in 2000.

You've almost certainly heard Chicane's music even if you don't recall the name.

I highly recommend you listen to one of his albums to see what your missing.