Wednesday, March 22, 2006

perfumes that I'm interested in

This post is prompted by my parents' misunderstanding about my interest in perfume (and as such is probably not interestesting to anyone! Oh well). Any perfume will not do, although my interest is quite broad. I suppose that the problem is that my inclinations and my parents' inclinations do not overlap. My parents' inclinations start and end at Chanel. Ironically enough, I avoid Chanel. Every one I tried just didn't smell very nice on me. And they lasted forever while doing so. Murphy's law. It's certainly possible that my nose is not yet sophisticated enough to appreciate the beauty of Chanel perfumes, but at the moment, I don't like them.

So what am I interested in? Hard to answer, but I am looking for a grapefruit scent and a black tea scent in particular. And honeysuckle sounds delicious. Have you ever eaten the drops of nectar in honeysuckle flowers? Tasty! I adore almond scents, but I don't particularly want an almond perfume. I have fond memories of the fragrant blossoms on my mother's lilac tree, so it would be nice to have a fragrance that matched that.

In a random coincidence, I discovered that my Japanese teacher wears 4711 cologne (grapefruit)! Apparently her mother used to wear it and she thought it was lovely, although she doesn't like fragrances in general. She's promised that she'll bring a sample for me to try at my next class. I'm looking forward to it.

I was going to post a list of fragrances that I'd like to try, but it's appallingly long.

I really want to order Te Nero (Black Tea) lotion by Speziali Fiorentini, but I'm still trying to work through the last 1/4 of my bottle of melon lotion. Maybe I'll make it a birthday present to myself. >_>

Ooh, they carry Speziali Fiorentini products in two dept. stores in Shinjuku. I'll have to check them out soon :D Agrumi(citrus) looks interesting too.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hello! I am tagging your blog, which I find super-interesting! Thanks for posting! I have some suggestions for you, maybe you'll like them:

- "Dammuso di Pantelleria" - it's a wonderful grapefruit scent. You may find it in Very nice and fresh, faithful to the real thing!
- Guerlain Aqua Allegoria "Pamplelune";
- Comptoir Sud Pacifique "Thé" - wonderful black tea scent, refreshing, and very different;
- Artisan Parfumeur "Tea for Two", a mix of different teas, including lapsang souchong on a base of black tea! Lovely!

Thanks again for your cool blogs! Have a great evening!


kuri said...

I'm glad you find my blog interesting. I'm rather insecure about the quality of the writing, and the whole self-centered aspect of it, so it's good to hear that it is interesting.

Thank you for the recommendations! I've been wanting to try Artisan and Comptoir perfumes, in particular Tea for Two, but I haven't seen them at all in Japan. Perhaps I don't go shopping enough, hee. Pamplelune sadly did not agree with my skin chemistry at all. Dammuso di Pantelleria sounds lovely. Thank you for the link!

Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi Kuri! The blog is great, please keep posting! I love to see what's going on in Japan!
About l'Artisan, I know they deliver anywhere. That must include Japan, of course. If you go to their website, there must be information about S&H costs to Asia.
They have released a new one called "Mandarine" something. Sounds gorgeous, very summery. Again, George (from has a description of the gragrance in his website. I am SO tempted. But I'm afraid I spent too much this month already with my Hello Kitty netsuke and mascots, duuhhh...
I will read some more of your blog now! Dewa mata,