Monday, April 10, 2006

Clinique Happy, Lancome Miracle

Swung by the Ainz/Tulpe drugstore in Harajuku today, and sprayed on Clinique Happy and Lancome Miracle to give them a try. I really wanted to try Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil but the tester had apparently fled from the weekend shoppers. Mat Matsushima Orange was tempting too, but since it smells like orange, and I know what an orange smells like, I passed on it. I wonder why grapefruit is more appealling.

Anyway, the verdict: Happy was lighter and a little more interesting (less powdery?) than Miracle. But neither was terribly exciting.


katiedid said...

I can't even retain even a foggy clue about what Happy smells like anymore... it's forgettable I guess.

I always get this weird metallic ping from Miracle - I kind of like that, but with the grapefruit the whole thing ends up being just a tad too acidicly sweet on me.

I totally understand why you didn't find either of them so exciting.

When you get the chance to try the Jardin, though, do write that up please! I'd love to hear your impressions of it.

kuri said...

weird, my comment got lost. Anyway, I wrote:

There's grapefruit in Miracle!?! I didn't notice it at all. Maybe I should give it another try. Didn't notice anything metallic either; it was just quiet on me.

I tried Happy for Men, which was more interesting but not quite my thing. Bulgaria Omnia was pretty nice though; warm and creamy. It made me wonder if gourmand scents were similar at all to Omnia. Pretty interesting.

Still waiting to try the Jardin, it just seems to evade me. I have low expectations though, since Eau de Merveilles didn't like me much. In fact, I think I did try Jardin; it didn't like me either. It's Mediterranee that I have yet to try.

My local electronics store has testers on the top floor (don't ask me why), so I will be trying more random fragrances soon. Their prices seem pretty good, so I might actually buy from them if I find something I like.