Friday, April 28, 2006

quick post about Shiseido Men, Shiseido Chant du Coeur

I thought I'd start giving thumbs up/thumbs sideways/thumbs down ratings of the fragrances that I try. I don't try most fragrances for a long enough period of time to give them proper reviews. Please keep in mind I have very limited experience with fragrances, so what is interesting to me may be terribly old hat.

Shiseido Men edt - I was curious because scenteur7 did a nice review of it. It's in a sleek, modern bottle. I would love to give it as a gift to someone. It seems quite reasonably priced too at 5500 yen. I got the impression of mint, without smelling mint. Interesting, fresh, would probably smell great on a guy. Thumbs up!

Shiseido Chant du Coeur - Nice, powdery (but not annoyingly powdery), sweet. Seems sweeter than Saso and a bit lighter in feel. Thumbs sideways, as not personally drawn to it.

Guerlain Lovely Cherry Blossom parfum - recommended by the sales assistant. Nicer than the limited edition put out this year (that thing is way too fruity!), but not terribly exciting considering it's Guerlain. I was drawn to the citrus top notes. Thumbs sideways, as you could do a lot worse, I think.

Clinique Happy for Men - more interesting than Clinique Happy for Women, but didn't particularly like the notes meself. Thumbs sideways.

Bulgari Omnia - Interesting! Spicy, lively. Would like to smell it on a guy, I think, as it was better than Clinique Happy for Men. Thumbs up.

In other news, stymied by the testers for two Rosarium perfumes: papa meiland and another Rosarium no longer being produced. They were those squeeze type perfume bottles and the rubber balloons were broken, which I suppose accounts for the testers being almost completely full. Sigh.

Next time I visit that Shinjuku Shiseido store, I'll try out Tentatrice and Vocalise. After that, We're. I love commuting through Shinjuku!


marlen said...

Kuri - thanks so much for the reference and for inclusion in your blogroll! Cheers! Marlen aka Scenteur7

kuri said...

My pleasure. I really enjoy reading your reviews, especially the almond related ones!