Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick P12

For some reason, this extremely dark brown lipstick with a hint of mauve suits my coloring perfectly. Despite that, I have to apply it lightly and cover with gloss in order to get a wearable look. Normally applied, it gives a gothic effect because it's so dark. Still, I love the color! A lighter version would be perfect, but all the lighter colors had too much red in them for me. The lipstick is very nicely packaged in a smooth metal tube with a comfortable heft to it. It feels like a precision crafted gadget, really. Rather luxurious. Estee Lauder doesn't have nearly as nice packaging for their Pure Color lipstick.

About 3000 yen in department stores.

I've noticed that Shiseido The Makeup (one of Shiseido's makeup lines) does not seem to be carried by the Shiseido retail shops, although they carry everything else including Cle de Peu. The Makeup only seems to be in dept. stores.

By the way, Clé de Peau has a very nice moisturizing stick. Greasy yet very light. It looks as pretty as a gloss. Sadly it's about 5000 yen.


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi Dear!

Thanks for the post on the Shiseido lippies! I am really curious about them and I am thinking about bidding on 2 of them over EBay this week. Have you tried the lighter ones (SL1 and SL2, I think?).

Maybe they are similar to the Maquillage ones (Luminoustic)? I have some of these (MQ) and love it. Texture is excellent and colours are not very flashy.

This weekend I bought myself a nude lippie from RMK (espensive here though, about 23 euros, gyaahhh!!!), but very nice. They seem smaller than your average lippies, but I don't care, since I am quite lazy for lipsticks in the end and they will definitely outlast me I'm afraid. Also I always forget to retouch during the day and have an annoying thing of biting my lips all the time, so...

We'll read your other posts now! Happy Golden Week for you! Rest a bit and have lots of fun!


kuri said...

Hi! Good to hear from you.

I have not tried any of the Shimmering Lipsticks actually. Lately I've been addicted to raisin shades so ignore all the lighter colors. They do look pretty though!

I really like the Shiseido packaging though. I haven't tried many Maquillage lipsticks unfortunately, so I can't compare. I got a Maquillage sample, but all of the colors turned out to be really poor for my coloring (oranges and pinks don't tend to work well on me).

The color chart on the Shiseido website makes it look brownish, but my friend just bought P1 or P2 (I think P2), and that was a very pretty wearable color in my opinion. Really, anyone who thinks about buying P12 should definitely try it on first. It's really too dark to wear easily :(

I will have to try RMK. It seems very popular here. Once I get over this coffee/raisin lipstick obsession, I can branch out. 23 euros is pretty expensive, but it's only a little more than the price in Japan. Did you get the Irresistable Creamy Lips type?

Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hi Kuri!

Exactly! I got the Irresistible Lips B (Basic) in shade 14. The texture is gorgeous and the shade is quite nude. I think I might have gone instead for something a bit more "vivid", brighter, whatever, but that's fine. Shade 15 is pretty much like 14, but with a hint of shine, so I got 14 because it's creamier without the shine (already have lots of shiny ones anyway).

I also love the Shu Uemura lippies, got a bunch of them (Lolishines and the regular ones), but I should wear it more often.

Sometimes I look at my stack and think "what a waste", but if I get tired of one colour or another my Mum will probably go for it! I don't know, but I suspect I mostly love the colours by themselves, even when I am not wearing them. It's like having a huge box of colour pencils: you know you won't use all of them, but it's still good to look at!

(Eh, I am so silly sometimes!
:) )

kuri said...

A nude color sounds lovely. I can't seem to pull off nude colors. The Shu Uemura lipsticks look fun! I know what you mean about the colors; so much fun to have an array of different shades.

kuri said...

It's nice that your mother likes lipstick too. I can't seem to persuade my mother to try any color other than pink :P