Wednesday, May 03, 2006

for perfume enthusiasts

You might find the pictures of this fragrance shop interesting. It would be fun to visit the shop and see all the fragrances, but I'd be afraid of damaging a fortune's worth of bottles if I stepped inside the place.


katiedid said...

OH.MY.GAWD. It's like a perfume orgy that would drive me into a furious shopping frenzy. Dear lord. I could weep, that is so beautiful. Wow. Cool place - you should so visit anyhow so we can live vicariously through you!

Flora said...

What Katiedid said. My perfect perfume fantasy! Just give me an hour alone in that place and I can die happy! Ok, two hours. Tops. Honest. :-)

kuri said...

Hee. I will try to visit. However, looking at the stuff the shop has for sale, most of it wasn't all that exciting. I hope they have stuff not listed on the site. And testers! Hee.