Tuesday, May 30, 2006

spritzed at the department store

Yesterday I swung by Tobu while waiting for a dinner appointment, and tested three fragrances.

The first: Dolly Girl limited edition 2006 something or other. Smells nice; in fact, smells just like Secret Wish! Do all Anna Sui perfumes smell the same? I shall have to investigate. Sweetly floral; a little powdery; pleasant but I wouldn't buy. I did buy the eyebrow brush #1 though. I guess there's no lack of stock in Japan.

The second was Givenchy Amarige. Very nice top notes! Love gardenia. But it turned powdery on me within the hour, so I lost interest. The bottle is gorgeous.

The third was Mat Matsushima's Mintea. Lovely top notes; mint and citrus. But it too dried down into a powdery something that lost my interest.

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