Sunday, February 19, 2006

movies that I am looking forward to

* "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (単騎、千里を走る。)," the new Zhang Yimou film starring Ken Takakura (revered Japanese actor)

* The Chronicles of Narnia movie (loved the books as a child)

* The new Wallace and Gromit movie

I'd like to see Narnia in the theatre, but I will see the Zhang Yimou film in the theatre if I have to go by myself.


katiedid said...

I ♥ Wallace and Gromit! The new one is so very cute. It's not as good as two of the shorts, the penguin one and the sheep one (I forget the titles, so I hope you know which I mean), but it still was a fun way to while away an hour and some minutes. The animation in though was superb - and so many fun little sight gags, too.

kuri said...

Hrm. I vaguely remember the sheep one, but not the penguin one. Hee. Will have to go rent those. My favorite is still the short of the zoo animals though. I need to buy that! :D