Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Body Shop Pink Pepper Eau de Parfum and Passion Fruit Eau de Parfum

Pink Pepper is peppery and sweet. I don't think I like pepper much.

Passion Fruit was initially sweet but turned into vegetables on me. Rather curious.


katiedid said...

You know, I do happen to like pepper, and I didn't care for the Pink Pepper either. Something too sweet about it, and something "much too much" about it as well.

I wonder what's in the base in Passion Fruit that it turned to vegetables on you? Huh. I don't even remember it well enough to describe it anymore. Quite forgettable I'd say. However, I didn't try it on the skin, so perhaps I am wrong on that count?

kuri said...

Heh, I guess there's just something about the compositions that we don't like. Passion Fruit was definitely forgettable. Pink Pepper was memorable, but just because it was too much :D

I took a look at the ingredients for Passion Fruit but none of it means anything to me.