Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All the Slam Dunk english comic books

Did I mention that I bought the entire set of the Slam Dunk manga (a basketball masterpiece) in the Singapore English edition? All 31 books in one fell swoop at Kinokuniya in Shinjuku. I also got a set for my cousin, who is still waiting for the last 8 books (that I am being lazy about mailing). The U.S. edition only got up to volume 5 before the publisher folded.

The Kinokuniya staff must think I'm obsessed, heh. I wonder if the Singapore publisher is noticing high sales in Japan.

I still want the Slam Dunk Perfect Edition (Japanese only), which is 24 large format books with lovely covers and nice paper. But that would come to another $250 or so, when I already have the regular Japanese version (mostly used books) and now the English one. Maybe when I'm completely fluent in Japanese.

The life of a moderate otaku. (-_-;) I can say I'm moderate because:
a) I have savings. Every month even!
b) My conversation doesn't relate to Slam Dunk and Studio Ghibli (most of the time)
c) Reasons too innumerable to list.

Minus point:
a) I don't particularly care about college or pro basketball (but the women's teams rock!!) but I adore this comic
b) The need to defend myself against the label "otaku" is itself a little incriminating
c) Knowing what "otaku" means is also a little incriminating (Otaku is a Japanese colloquialism for fanatic [such as comic fanatic/video-game addict] according to my dictionary. I was going to say anime geek. In the U.S. it just means Japanese anime/manga fan, methinks).

I am apparently a nerd because I say "parse" to mean distinguishing individual words in a sentence.


katiedid said...

I keep forgetting to mention this, but I passed along a link to your manga blog to my husband - he's crazy for "comic books" and that includes manga. Weirdly, I enjoyed a Usagi Yohimba book he found more than he did, which is unusual for me, since I'm more of a Giardion fan as far as comics go.

kuri said...

You know, I tried reading Usagi Yohimba once, but didn't get very far.

Thanks for passing on the link! I should add more content to my manga blog but right now it just promotes my personal obsessions :P I ought to sit down and write proper reviews of more manga.