Monday, October 24, 2005

weekly grooming

Laf. Grooming has the nuance of pet care, doesn't it?

Anyway, after my recent (er long term?) apathy, I finally trimmed my eyebrows a bit, and tried out a nose strip. Nose strips are really fun when they work. Probably really gross for the observer, but really fun for me. I also applied Biotherm D-stress lotion, which smells lovely. A nice, clean, relaxing scent. I looked online but it doesn't appear to be carried anymore! Ironic. I could have the name wrong. I'll have to check. The bottle looks like the packaging for Biotherm Biopur Melting Moisturizing Marifying Fluid for C/O but it's hard to say.

Trying out Givenchy Only perfume today. It hasn't made much of an impression on me. Wearing zero hair products, and Shu Uemura Lip Shimmer in Strawberry Compote (discovered via Berta). It's lasted me two years now. I can't wait to use it up and start playing with the Shiseido clear lip gloss I bought. Suckered in by the limited edition lip gloss. It's wonderfully light and glossy though.

Ooh, Shiseido Garden C has a free eyebrow consultation available for visitors until the end of this month. I will have to take my mom there. Perfect timing, as she was curious about getting her eyebrows done. Should be fun!

2005-10-26 note:
The Biotherm lotion that I like is actually Biotherm D-Stress Nuit, apparently no longer part of their product line. Oh, the irony.

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