Tuesday, October 11, 2005

too much stuff

I spent all of Sunday (yay for 3 day weekends) cleaning my room. Obviously, I have too much stuff if it takes that long to clean my room. Well, I reorganized and made my room neater. I also filed a bunch of receipts that have been sitting around for half a year in various paper bags.

I need to reorganize my closet so that my hamper can fit inside it once again.

I have a pair of sneakers and a pair of stack-heeled shoes that I need to give away. The sneakers are too big for me, and the heeled shoes are too tall for my knees. Yesterday I bought a cute pair of black shoes with a nice moderate heel. Very happy about them, but the true test of whether they are comfortable will be when I wear them for a day. They were rather expensive too. Sigh, shoes in big sizes are hard to find in Japan. I won't need any other shoes for a long time if this new pair proves to be comfortable though!

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