Monday, October 24, 2005


I find it odd that I love reading makeup reviews and such, but am still too lazy to wear makeup on a daily basis. I wear sunblock and that's about it.

I supposed that I really know how to kill time.


katiedid said...

Well if you're always wearing sunblock, then you are one huge step ahead of me - I always forget, which is terrible. I'm the sort that burns so easily, and yet... I never remember.

kuri said...

You should wear sunblock! I hate sunburns. And I'm paranoid about skin cancer, as I burn fairly easily also.

My friend gave me H20+ Urban Defense Lotion SPF 30 which I like a lot. It feels a little thick in texture and there's a faint SPF/sunblock smell, but it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything. Unfortunately it's $34.00 for 1.6 fl oz which seems ridiculously expensive.

It's interesting what habits have made it into my daily routine. If it's too annoying, I don't do it.