Tuesday, October 25, 2005

wed. status

I tried the Pantene Smooth and Sleek straightening mousse that I picked up in CA. It works pretty nicely. I should have given up on that Mods styling cream more quickly. It's useless on my hair, but I like to use up whatever I have. I need to get a proper brush for blowdrying my hair straight.

Lip shimmer as usual. A little powder too. I put on a little mascara, but it doesn't seem to make up for the fact that I need more sleep. Imagine that. Tried the Chanel Chance that my friend lent me. It's quite a strong fragrance, but doesn't seem very exciting to me.

Wearing my new silver ring. Rings are nice when bracelets don't go with my clothing.

Have spent two days shopping around for samples of In Love Again (Yves Saint Laurent) and Secret Wish (Anna Sui). No single store carries both, of course. I was on the verge of ordering In Love Again, but the site registration requires credit card information, which annoys me in principle. So here I am, stymied again. Maybe I'll buy the full size perfume from Rakuten (which has a slightly less annoying registration process). If I don't like the perfume, I can always give it to my friend.

a couple hours later:
I solved my dilemma by compromising. Now the only question is, when to order? I'd like to order now, but I should be studying. Oh well, ended up ordering a bunch of samples, including Secret Wish! Excited.

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