Wednesday, October 26, 2005

fasio lipstick RD 481, and vicious cycles

Fasio is a Japanese brand with BoA as the image model. Since I'm not a big fan of BoA's music, I have avoided the cosmetics until now.

Today, I bought the Shine Star Rouge lipstick RD 481, which is a pinkish red, semi-sheer lipstick. It's actually a little darker than is probably suitable for daily use, but would be fun for night time. Or I could use less lipstick during the day. It suits me fairly well. At 672 yen, it's fun to sample (smaller than normal size so cheaper). I like the consistency and the scent is light and discreet.

Now I want to try a different color. Ugh! No good!

I have got to stop reading all these blogs. The more I read, the more products I want to try. Yesterday I investigated Lush's body creams, searching for the Japanese equivalent of "Smitten." There is a product called "肌の愛情" which roughly translates as "affection for the skin." It contains almond, so I gave it a sniff. A faint almond scent; pleasant but not enough to make me want to buy it. At 1800 yen, it's a little expensive considering I have absolutely no need for body moisturizer. I'll wait for the popular "Snowcake" soap to appear (Nov. 29?) and give that a try. Soap is a little more useful, and much cheaper.

I wonder if Lush has gone public. They have a killer business model. I need to find a cosmetics index fund.

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