Friday, July 23, 2004

Thanks Jackie!

I was reflecting on last year and how much time I spend on Japanese. At the high point I was taking 2 Japanese classes and tutoring 3 Japanese families in English. I'd attend all the free tutor sessions held after my 4 times a week 10 am class. I also went to the Stanford Language Exchange occasionally Thursday nights, and really fun J Club tutorials held Friday night by one of my tutors.

Pretty crazy how much I was studying Japanese. And how did I start? Jackie encouraged me to take a Mandarin Chinese class with her at Foothill College. That was a lot of fun - took it for 2 terms, I think. Then I realized that I was still mor interested in learning Japanese, so I started taking Japanese classes too. And here I am, in Tokyo. Crazy, huh?

Thanks Jackie! I really like it here.

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