Sunday, July 25, 2004

nametags for dignitaries

Dear Miss Manners:

Which side of your body is the proper place to wear name tags and/or jewelry? We have heard that it is "proper" to wear them on the right side, and yet any time we see anyone of importance, i.e., the Queen, Laura Bush and others who should know, they always have their jewelry on the left side. Can you clarify this for us?

Also, can you instruct us on when executives should and should not wear name tags?

Nametags on the right, jewelry on the left. Miss Manners is disappointed that you neglected to take up the question of whether the Queen and Mrs. Bush should wear name tags, and if so, what they should say.

"HELLO! I'M/ Your Majesty"?

"MY NAME IS/ Laura (not Barbara)"?

Miss Manners cracks me up.

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