Wednesday, July 21, 2004

CD review: Globe "Cruise Record, 1995-2000"

Artist: Globe
CD title: Cruise Record, 1995-2000
Country: Japan

A 2 disc set I got for cheap at Disk Union. I like it a lot, especially the songs "Still Growing Up" and another one whose title I forgot. Quite worth the 500 yen or so. I think I may have all the older Globe hits now. Still don't like MARC's rapping.


Evelyn said...

Hey Clare -
I got Globe's "ballads and memories"
not sure if it has songs that were popular singles
i bought it because i wanted to listen to 'wanderin' destiny - it was in drama 'aoi tori'
i liked the rap =b and i usually hate rap

kuri said...

Hrm... must see if I have wanderin' destiny. I've lost faith in these singles compilations, so I think I will buy some of their older albums which go for really cheap now.