Monday, July 12, 2004

i luv uniqlo

Revelling in my new polyester shirt. A pale green that goes nicely with my pale yellow suit. Laf. Very springtime. I may buy the same shirt in a light gray color. Wasn't so crazy about the grey, but for all I know, this green doesn't even suit me.

Uniqlo is great for work clothing. I retired 2 of my dress shirts, because 1 is impossible to iron, and 1 is too tight. Of my other 3 tops, 2 have had sad encounters with bleach, and the third is a bit short, so I can't take my suit jacket off when I wear them. That really makes summer days painful. I guess I need another 3 tops, but the other uniqlo colors weren't very nice. Have to find other work shirts! I have long sleeved shirts I could wear, but they're kind of thick. The silk one would work though. So I need another 2 tops. I saw a nice knit top in a shimokitazawa store, but it was $60. I could buy 3 uniqlo tops at that price.

12:00pm note: I just looked at my shirt again in the mirror, and it actually looks a bit cheap. I guess I have to muck around the department stores for some nice shirts.

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