Wednesday, July 21, 2004

inoue takehiko lithograph

Other than the comic books, Inoue merchandise seems to be out of my price range. First the limited edition anime dvd set runs for about $800. Now Jump comics is offering limited edition Inoue lithographs of the manga REAL for a mere $300 each. They're signed, but that's still a lot of money. 1 onsen trip. I'd rather go on the onsen, although an Inoue lithograph would be nice. Still, I like the subjects in his artbook better, which I got for a relatively cheap $16 or $20.

Anyway, since they're only offering 100 lithographs of the Inoue poster, it's unlikely that I'd even be able to buy it. I was unclear on the Japanese text, but the order form seemed to imply that they'd randomly pick 100 people from among the postcards sent in.

I wonder how much one would go for on auction.

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