Tuesday, November 08, 2005

inexpensive makeup

I haven't posted lately. I guess I've been more absorbed with reading other people's blogs.

The nice thing about inexpensive makeup is that when you accidentally buy the wrong thing, it doesn't matter. I got gold eyeliner instead of
brown, but at 380 yen, it doesn't bother me. I tried the gold on; it actually makes a nice subtle sparkle. A little too glittery for work though. I'll try layering on some various color shadows.

I want to throw away that greasy black eyeliner I got from Three Minutes Happiness. It goes on transparently, so really isn't much use. I guess the product lives up to the store's name! Most things in the store are 100 yen.


Winifred said...
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kuri said...

English name. Did you ever go? It's in Shibuya. Come visit and I'll show you :D

Yeah, I've started using a little makeup. Right now it's just lipstick. Tinted foundation and mascara when I have time and feel like it (a couple times a month, haha). Maybe my recent purchase will motivate me to start using eyeliner.

kuri said...

Winifred wrote:
haha.. kuri, I didn't know that you started using makeup. =) "3 minutes of happiness", interesting name, was it in English or was it in Japanese?

but I sensored my name, cause I'm paranoid like that. Hope you don't mind Winifred!