Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anna Sui's Secret Wish; evangelism

It's my second day of testing Secret Wish eau de toilette, and after a couple hours, it smells nice but unexciting. Very interesting. I wonder if any perfume will hold my attention for more than a couple hours?

"Hopefully not, heh," says my wallet.

The inner evangelist; many people, including me, seem to like evangelizing about various products that they feel strongly about. It's a curious thing. We honestly believe that these things are great, and we want everyone to discover how great they are too. It's like we're all becoming infomercials. I'd better curb this tendency. It comes out the strongest when I talk to my parents.

I bought a cake of Snowcake soap from LUSH in Shimokitazawa. It smells lovely, but I haven't tried it yet.

I need to find some people who blog about minimalism.

Finishing Walden Pond would be a good start towards simplifyng my life. I think I got about half way through that book. Quite pithy and interesting but somehow a little too dense to finish easily. Very different from reading Harry Potter books which are like scarfing Cheetos. Tasty but not fulfilling.

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