Wednesday, October 11, 2006

where to buy atomizers?

Having too many bottles sitting around, I'd like to decant them. But buying atomizers from the local drugstores is getting old. Where's a good place to buy plastic or glass atomizer bottles?


Andrea Leite Marques said...

Konnichiwa Kuri!
Have you tried Muji?
They have grat plastic atomisers, from 10 to 30ml.
Hopt this helps!

kuri said...

Good point! I'll have to take a look tomorrow.

kuri said...

The atomisers at Muji were cute, but they all said not to put alcohol in them. So I ended up ordering from which worked out much cheaper than what I could find in Japan. And the customer service was great! I'm looking forward to ordering more from them, but I am trying not to buy more fragrances these days :P

Winifred said...

hey girl,
"Body shop" has glass bottled atomisers that comes with a shell so it has a unified look as well.

I see that you are definitely having fun!.

kuri said...

Hey! I'll have to take a look; they sound cute!