Thursday, October 05, 2006

4711 Cologne

I am currently addicted to 4711 Original Eau de Cologne but it disappears within 30 minutes. A pity. I guess I just have to carry it around if I want to be able to detect it.

While in Yokohama I ran across Fragonard's store in Minatomirai, and picked up a charming case of Eau du Bonheur solid perfume. It's quite bright and cheerful so far.

And Emanual Ungaro's Desnuda is very nice. I want a bigger decant. It doesn't seem readily available in Japan, but I will have to look around.


katiedid said...

The 4711 is best used as a pick-me-up or refresher stored in the fridge on hot days, I think, since the staying power is what it is. How fun to have a Fragonard store available. I am not familiar at all with Eau de Bonheur, so it will be interesting to read your thoughts on it later (if you're so inclined, of course :))

kuri said...

Hee, that's what I'll use it as. It's confusing me though; I started treating my other perfumes the same way, and put on a bit too much Desnuda yesterday :P I don't think it was enough to bother other people, but it bothered me. I am baffled anew at how other people can wear too much perfume. My nose does not get desensitized to myself!

Hee, I would be happy to talk about Eau de Bonheur the solid perfume. At the moment, I get a lot of citrus with a bit of flowers mingling around it. Fresh and cheerful and not too sweet. I sniffed the eau de toilette but there wasn't as much citrus apparent in it. Apparently it marketted as a unisex fragrance, not a men's fragrance as I mistakenly mentioned.

I picked up the solid perfume in Concerto yesterday, as I had a 500 yen coupon, so we'll see how I like that one. Fragonard in Japan actually offers up to 5 samples when you request a catalog, which I haven't seen any other company do here.