Sunday, December 04, 2005

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

After my Japanese test on Sunday, I got a haircut (after 4 1/2 months!) and did a little shopping. I stopped by a little perfume store and inquired after gardenia fragrances. Eternity Summer smelled lovely and fresh and summery out of the bottle so I got a little 1 cc sample to try out, and added a little sample of the store's original green tea perfume.

Unfortunately, Eternity Summer smelled a little musty and boring on my skin, so I'll be giving the sample away. The green tea scent was a little closer to expectations. It actually smelled like English tea (of some sort) in the bottle, but on my skin turned into green tea! I felt like green tea ice cream, so I don't think I'll be using this much.

I still have a couple more samples to try out; L'eau d'Issey and Chanel Cristalle. After that, I think I should just visit department stores and try stuff there first. These samples are adding up! But dept. store fragrance areas are a little intimidating when visiting by oneself. I'll have to recruit some friends.

I didn't particularly like Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise either. It was okay on me.

I don't know if I mentioned it but Chanel Chance and Givenchy Love in Paris are nice but not so exciting to me.

So far, I still like The Body Shop's Indian Gardenia the best, but I'd like to find a more light-hearted fragrance.


Winifred said...

perfume names are awesome, in my mind, I conjure up these imageries based on those names and the thought of summer, flowers, eternity, etc... =) gardenia smells wonderful, what's your favourite right now?

kuri said...

Gardenia is wonderful isn't it? I like The Body Shop Indian Gardenia best so far. Marc Jacobs's perfume for women is a nice gardenia, but it doesn't smell good on me.

kuri said...

Update on Indian Gardenia: I may have to start carrying a little vial of it, because it doesn't last very long on me. It smells lovely though!

katiedid said...

You know, The Body Shop stuff always surprises me with how nice it is for the price.

I felt the same way about the Eternity Summer - just kind of boring. What is the name of the shop that makes the green tea scent? Not that I can do anything about trying it, but I rather like the idea of smelling like green tea ice cream, heh.

Which concentration of the Cristalle did get? It seems like nearly everyone seems to like the eau de toilette best, so I'm quite curious to hear your reaction to it.

Chance is boring, like, forgettable boring, and it's rare that any of the Givenchy limited editions are very exciting to me, although there is the occasional good one.

I don't particularly care for Beyond Paradise either - the whole thing smells like plastic flowers on me. I cannot begin to understand why Luca Turin is so enamored of it, save the fact that he may be impressed with the technology involved perhaps.

kuri said...

Hi Katiedid!

Yes, The Body Shop prices are very reasonable. Guilt-free purchases.

The shop that makes the green tea scent is called Art et Parfum. I have to wonder if there's a copyright violation going on :P Maybe I should send you my sample. You might find it very boring though. My nose is very unsophisticated after all!

The site I bought Cristalle from actually didn't list the concentration, so I can only assume it's the cheapest one. I haven't tested it out properly yet.

I am puzzled why Chanel Chance seems to be popular. I only tried it and the Givenchy because my friend had bottles. Neither of us like them, hee.

You know, I think I did get a plastic smell from Beyond Paradise. A friend of mind is a big fan of it though. I wonder what it smells like on her.

Luca Turin writes so beautifully about perfumes that it's quite a shock when the perfume smells completely different to me.